Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings
By Member Chris Cardwell
February 11, 2017

Congratulations to Chief Cabe and Chief Holden on the completion of the "Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings" course at New Mexico Tech. Sponsored by the DHS, this course is designed to instill in participants a respect for the destructive potential and dangers associated with energetic materials (explosives and incendiaries) that could be used in a terrorist attack.
Based on research of basic training methods provided to first responders, it has been identified that insufficient information is being provided with regard to comprehending the threat of explosives, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and incendiary devices. Most first responders are inexperienced with explosives and incendiaries and may be incapable of fully understanding the devastating effects of successful attacks using these materials. These deficiencies are addressed in classroom presentations and field exercises using actual explosive devices. Graduates of this program have a far better appreciation of the dangers posed by explosives after completing the training.