Ground Breaking at Station 4
By Member Jeff Cabe
November 16, 2021

Our Board of Directors and firefighters were accompanied by Town Commissioners, County Commissioners, Emergency Services staff, and town staff for the ground breaking ceremony for the new fire station. This will be the fourth fire station for the department and the first time that a non-profit fire department has jointly built a fire station with the county and town involved. The station is located in the Waterstone Development south of Hillsborough. Once completed, the 12,000 square foot station will house a staffed fire truck and ambulance. The station will also provide space for Hillsborough Police to write reports, workout and take breaks.
The process to build a fire station south of Hillsborough started over fifteen years ago when the department identified service improvement needs caused by development in the southern portion of the Central Orange Fire District. Fire stations need to be placed such that no home in the fire district is more than six miles from a rated fire station. Land development without roadway improvements are a problem for the fire department because it creates response delays to new homes and communities.
The area of the Waterstone Development was identified as the location in the southern portion of the fire district that would bring the most homes to within the six miles or less response area. This station will primarily cover the portions of the fire district that are south of Interstate 85 and provide backup to the rest of the town and fire district as well as New Hope and Orange Grove fire departments.
The station is expected to be staffed and operational by early 2023.