Motor Vehicle Crash on I-85 14 September
By Member Jeff Cabe
September 14, 2022

At 0213 hours this morning, B-Shift responded to a report of a tractor trailer crash involving a tanker with smoke and flames visible. Responding units arrived on scene within five minutes to find a single vehicle accident under the Highawy 86 bridge with a tractor trailer engulfed in flames and a high volume of fire impinging on the bridge.
Crews attacked the fire and gained access to the location of the cab but there were no survivors. NC Highway Patrol is investigating the cause of the wreck.
Interstate 85 southbound is still closed at Exit 165 while Clayton's wrecker service clears the roadway and removes the remains of the truck and cargo.
NC 86 South is closed at the bridge over Interstate 85. NCDOT is on scene with a bridge crew and engineers to evaluate the condition of the bridge following the fire.
Anyone needing to travel south on NC 86 from Hillsborough should avoid the area. A potential detour route is Churton Street to Interstate 85 and then Exit 165 to reach Sheetz and anything south of that area.
Another potential detour is Lawrence Road to Old NC 10 and then back to NC 86 South.
All businesses north of the bridge can still be accessed from Highway 70-A.

Due to the high amount of traffic that uses the NC 86 bridge being detoured through and around town, much of Hillsborough is seeing extreme traffic congestion. If you must go through the impacted area, leave early and be patient if you have to sit in traffic.

Units: 231, 233, 241, 284, 205, 202, EM1, Medic 1
Mutual Aid: 331, 431, 143, 301, 303