Orange Rural Fire joined all the other fire departments in Orange County and North Chatham Fire to do some mutual aid training
By Orange Rural Fire Department
December 10, 2022

Crews responded to reports of a downed firefighter, located the firefighter, treated their needs and then transported them to a safe space outside of the smoke and fire.
This training is necessary to make sure that if one of our firefighters becomes trapped or missing in a building fire that we have the knowledge, skills and abilities to rescue them. Most of our county departments have limited staffing so today's training was focused on our mutual aid departments effecting the rescues. This is a worst case scenario that we train and work hard to avoid during actual responses to emergencies.
Thank you to all the firefighters that gave up their Saturday to train together and for those that started their shifts in the burn building.
Special thank yous to our burn instructors and Chief Nasseri of White Corss for making all of the training a success.

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