Prepare for Exteme Cold Weather
By Member Jeff Cabe
December 20, 2022

Forecasts are showing temperatures down into the teens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with highs just above freezing. These temperature ranges spread out over multiple days will cause water lines to freeze that may not normally freeze in cold weather. We urge everyone to start preparing now for the potential for frozen pipes and extreme cold.
With colder temps forecasted, the power grid will be working harder to keep us all warm and to keep the lights on.
Now is a great time to check and or prepare emergency kits.
Have a plan for taking care of yourself and loved ones should there be a loss of power. Check on your neighbors. Don't leave pets outside, even if they normally live outside. They will need shelter from the extreme cold that's forecasted.
Make sure all heating appliances are in good working condition and that you have the necessary fuels. Never use Carbon Monoxide producing appliances in doors or near windows and doors, this goes for generators too. Any heater that burns wood, coal, kerosene or other fossil fuels should have the exhaust vented to the outside. Any living space that is heated by these type of heaters should equipped with Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors.
Invisible ice or "black ice" is possible and should be expected in curves, on hills and in shady spots of sidewalks, driveways and roads. Be sure to clear your windshield before driving your vehicle.
The fire departments throughout the area will be responding to emergencies and as such may spill water from the trucks onto the roadways. Be aware that intersections may have ice even though it hasn't rained.
Allow yourself additional travel time, maintain safe following distances and if you see emergency vehicles with their lights on, please give them room.
Stay safe, stay warm and know that our 911, Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement are always on duty and always ready to respond when an emergency happens.
Happy Holidays. We hope you can enjoy some down time with family and friends over the next few days.