Station 4 Opening Planned for Early March
By Member Jeff Cabe
January 4, 2023

Our fourth fire station is set to open in early March though a date has not been confirmed yet.
The building, which is located at 350 College Park Road in Hillsborough is being built as a joint venture between the Orange Rural Fire Department, Town of Hillsborough and Orange County.
Once completed, the facility will house a fire engine and crew as well as an Advanced Life Support ambulance and crew.
By sharing construction costs and building only one building that can serve multiple emergency response functions we were able to save money. Colocating vital emergency response system components will help to build better working relationships and provide higher quality levels of care to our citizens and visitors.
The building was located such that it puts a fire truck in the southern portion of Hillsborough and closer to the portions of Orange Rural that are south of town. The location also provides for a quicker response to the two interstates.
We appreciate Orange County Asset Management and Orange County Emergency Services for working with us to make this building a place that will serve the citizens and that we will all be proud of for many years.
We look forward to meeting our new neighbors at a grand opening of the facility this spring.
If you'd like to know more about this project or anything else we are working on at the fire department, reach out.