MVC on I85 at MM 163 Southbound
By Member Jeff Cabe
May 20, 2023

At 0418 hours this morning, C-Shift was dispatched to a motor vehicle crash on Interstate 85 near mile marker 163. Initial calls to 911 stated that a vehicle had jumped the guardrail and landed in the woods. Within in four minutes, Engine 231 was on scene with a vehicle off the roadway and approximately 40 feet down an embankment. Fortunately, the passengers of the vehicle were not significantly injured and were able to self extricate. Our crews stood by while Lee's Towing used a rotator wrecker to lift the car out of the woods and back onto the roadway where it could be towed away.
Due to access issues with interstate response in our area, almost all sections are covered by two different fire departments responding from different directions whenever there's a dispatch for a crash, fire, etc... This morning, Efland Volunteer Fire responded with us and we want to thank them for their assistance.

Units: 231, 261, 282
Mutual Aid: 131, 134