Crews Respond to Interstate 18 January
By Member Jeff Cabe
January 18, 2024

At 12:32 this afternoon, A-Shift was dispatched to Interstate 85 for a motor vehicle collision involving a car hauler. Upon arrival, crews found several crushed cars that had fallen from a truck while on their way to the recycling yard. The truck was headed south on Interstate 85 near Hillsborough when it struck the bottom of a bridge. The impact broke the chains used to tie the vehicles down onto the car hauler. Other vehicles were damaged but fortunately there were no injures.
Our crew stood by while the bridge was inspected and the cars were removed from the interstate.
We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to stay alert when driving for you never know when the actions of other drivers may impact you. This is especially important in road construction areas where the generation of dust or ponding of rain water and distracted driving have even more deadly consequences.
We want to thank Eno Fire Department for assisting us with today's interstate response.

Units: 234, 203
Mutual Aid: 333, 355