It Takes A Community...
By Member Jeff Cabe
April 13, 2021

Recent wet weather resulted in flooding and errosion where we typically haven't seen in recent years. As we look for more secluded places to build our homes we find that we have to bridge creeks and low lying areas in order to access our home sites. These bridges create a potential response problem for fire trucks in that they sometimes aren't constructed to carry a 22 ton fire truck. Residents often tell us that delivery trucks cross them daily but very few if any delivery trucks equal the weight of a fire truck carrying 2,000 gallon of water plus the weight of the pump, equipment, fire hose and personnel.
We are asking for your help. If you have to cross a private bridge or pipe under your driveway to get home, please evaluate it for weight carrying capacity of 22 tons. Inspect the bridge and its foundation after heavy rains and at least twice yearly looking for changes in the structure, erosion, damage or signs that the bridge is moving when crossed.
The typical fire truck today is 10ft tall, 9ft wide, 34ft long and weighs around 44,000 lbs.
Maintaining a fire safe environment takes commitment from all of us. We maintain the equipment, plan and train for rescuing victims and putting out fires. We need property owners and residents to make sure we can get to your homes and businesses without being blocked by low weight bridges, narrow roads and low hanging trees and limbs.
If you are aware of any areas that we should be concerned for access, let us know by calling Fire Station 1 at 919-732-7911.
If you want more information about access or anything else related to the fire department, we are happy to share.