Holden and Miller Families Make Donation
By Member Jeff Cabe
May 8, 2021

On Tuesday May 4th, the Holden family and Miller family visited the fire station to make a donation of $11,000 to the fire department's training budget. The money will be used to fund upcoming Trench Rescue training for the department as well as all other fire and rescue departments that respond in Orange County. Assistant Chief Jeff Holden died in the line of duty following a Trench Rescue response. The donation is in his honor and to carry on his efforts to train responders to do their work in a safe and effective manner.
Trench Rescue is the term given to the process of uncovering and removing victims of trench wall collapse. This involves building systems to hold back the dirt walls and remove the victims.
During the month of June, the department will host one training session for 20 people to learn how to safely respond and mitigate a a trench emergency. A combination of classroom and hands on training will teach responders how to shore up trench walls using timbers and pneumatic shoring and then how to safely perform the rescue.
We are planning to offer four training sessions in total.
Thank you to the families for making this possible.

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